Intellectual Property

PestOff Bird Feeder / Chicken Feeder Range:

EU Design Registration no. 003817204

US Design Patent Pending - 29/606,491

UK Patent Pending no. 1612894.41618523.3

European Patent no. 3104695

US Patent Pending no. 15/115,625

EU Design Registration no. 003079508-0001

US Design Patent No. D811013

EU Design Registration no. 003079508-0002

US Design Patent No. D811014

Canadian Design Patent No 176554


Roamwild Surround Travel pillow:

EU design registration no. 002631739

US design patent no. USD766623

UK patent no. GB2536850

US patent pending no. 15/121,932

Chinese patent pending no. 2015800105415


Roamwild Airtushi:

EU design registration no. 002457333

US design patent no. USD742653

European patent pending no. 15717056.4

US patent pending no. 15/304,766


Armrest Buddy:

EU design registration no. 002627406

UK patent pending no. GB1601545.5

US patent pending no. 15/008036


Roamwild Multi-Cutter:

UK Patents pending No.s GB1806184.6 & GB1717041.6

Community Registered Designs No.s 004383206 & 005269214

US Patent Pending No. 15/955,326

US Design Patent Pending No. 29/642,637


Roamwild Multi-Pullsaw:

EU Community Design Registration No. 004130599

US Design Patent Pending No. 29/634,846


Roamwild Car Crack Vac:

EU Community Design No. 005537545

UK Patent Pending No.GB1819611.3

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