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Whether people consider garden pruning a chore, a pastime to let off steam or a necessity to keep all that foliage neat and tidy, there is always that infuriating issue of trying to carry lots of tools around with them. They trim the hedge with hedge shears and then come across a ¼” branch which is too thick; so they reach for the lopper, then back to the hedge shears…..they can’t reach the top of the hedge so they get the step ladder…..then back down the ladder and pick up the next tool.

But there is now a better way. The Roamwild MultiCutter.

Reviews - 

"I live out in the country, where I have a very long hedge that I have been needing to cut in half for a while. These cutters have made the job so much easier, and quicker, thus saving me time and effort. Highly recommend!"

"As an gentleman of 84, I needed something that I would be able to use easily, as my mobility and dexterity is not what it used to be. I am so happy to find the multi cutter. It arrived quickly, and was very easy to set up and use immediately. Its long handles make cutting much less strenuous, and it is lovely to be useful again in my garden."


Main Features:

  • It incorporates hedge shears, a powerful bypass lopper and a clip on pruning saw all in one light weight garden tool.
  • Telescopic - extends to over 4 feet - so no need for ladders! So versatile and so safe to use.
  • The Teflon coated blades are made of Chrome Vanadium making this tool incredibly long lasting.
  • It also features unique secondary handle grips on the shafts to aid weight and balance for more accurate usage.
  • The Roamwild MultiCutter really is the ultimate pruning tool.

80 x 26 x 5 cm

31 x 10 x 2 inches


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